World Travel Market

Autorent Middle-East strengthens Business-Partner Relationship

Autorent at the World Travel Market, had an extensive recognition and potential business tie-ups from travel partners across the globe.

UAE - Autorent, one of the leading and fastest growing car rental, leasing and limousine services company in the middle-east, comes back from World Travel Market, London, with pride for its recognition among worldwide travel partners, and attendees to the event. Having a solid clientele in the middle-eastern region, Autorent with a plan to expand its wing around the world participated the WTM in London with a sprawling well-designed stand, which has turned out fruitful, providing excellent business opportunities globally.

Being the only Middle-Eastern based car rental and leasing company participating in a international event, ‘Autorent had significant number of potential business requirements from various partners which include travel, tour agencies, franchisee’s and even some of the internationally located competitive car rental operators who were ready to tie-up instantaneously for opting our services in the Arab Emirates, Oman and Saudi Arabian locations to serve their clientele.

“We would like to thank all our staffs, customers, partners and visitors for making us successful in this International event. We at Autorent believe, our strong brand, global presence, connectivity, will make us get even more recognition and empowerment globally for rendering better services successfully” Said Senior Staff, Autorent Car Rental LLC. “Our key staff including our regional country heads were also very proud to carry our brandAutorent to new heights, venturing internationally, giving an assurance to provide better services to all partners and their customers in their respective regions” he added.

As a trusted and reliable car rental & leasing partner in the Gulf, Autorent is now in the process of signing-up few partners from abroad for rendering services to them within the region. Meanwhile Autorent is partnering with few international car rental service providers, to provide easy commutation for its clients who travel outside of gulf region. This way, Autorent has developed and have been developing its business-partner relationship to mutually benefit and make global travel easy for its customer irrespective of their destination.

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