Training & Development

At BIG, we strongly believe that it is inspired employees who create and set great companies apart from the ordinary ones. One of our core values, therefore, is “Growth, Development and Well-being of our Employees”. 

We also strongly believe in the principle of “Growth from within” and thus have a very structured framework for skills enhancement and development to support this focus area.

Consequently, the objectives of all our training-for-development programs are to enable our employees to become more efficient in their respective domains by bridging their existing knowledge and skills gaps so as to perform more efficiently, with greater expertise and to become more effective professionals in the roles that they take up. In the process, we believe that they become much more confident, committed, engaged and closely aligned with our Group Purpose and Values. Management of careers then, both individually and organizationally, becomes a natural corollary of the entire process.

We, therefore, offer multiple training programs, in our training centres and on-the-job as well as through external agencies, categorized under the following heads:

  • •  Trainee-level programs 
  • •  Basic level programs 
  • •  Business awareness related programs
  • •  Functional & Technical skills development programs
  • •  Computer & IT related programs
  • •  Health, Safety & Environment related programs
  • •  Personal Effectiveness programs
  • •  Supervisory skills development programs
  • •  Managerial skills development programs
  • •  Leadership skills development programs, including Coaching & mentoring skills.

Our training initiatives have resulted in each employee undergoing a minimum of 10 mandays of training every year.

We also offer Education Assistance programs for National employees in order to help them complete their Basic and Higher education. We believe that encouraging employees to pursue further education help build their capability and their engagement and eventually help them in furthering their career.

BIG also has a very successful and active chapter of the Toastmasters International, a globally renowned institution that helps foster excellence in public speaking and allied communication skills. It is a matter of pride for us that several members of our chapter have been award winners at the local and regional levels of the Public Speaking Contests hosted by the Toastmasters International.