Skill Contest

At BIGH we are committed to hone the skills of our employees. To make this process more meaningful and exciting, we augment our on-the-job training and classroom sessions with annual skill contests for our employees in Sales, Service and Spare-parts functions to help identify our best skilled Sales Executives, Service Advisors, Service Technicians and Spare Parts Sales Executives. The assessments are done through a rigorous testing process. The testing process consists of written examinations and role plays which cover technical knowledge, process adherence and customer handling skills. The finals, featuring the top six contestants, involve simulated situations with multiple rounds. The winners in each category, apart from being awarded by the top management are again put through rigourous training, including on various aspects of customer interactions, advanced diagnostic inputs, etc. and also earn the distinction of representing the company and the country at the regional Skills contests (Middle East Region) conducted by the brand principals.