Renault Vehicles Now Available at Motor Souq Showrooms

Top officials from Gulf Advantage Automobiles (GAA), the importer of Renault vehicles in Saudi Arabia, recently visited Motor Souq Showrooms in Jeddah, Taif, and Jizan in the presence of top officials from Taajeer Group in order to reinforce their newly initiated partnership and to engage in a series of top level discussions that would lead to a better offering for the benefit of Renault customers across the Kingdom.

A series of discussions were scheduled with senior officials to gain maximum networking opportunities. Officials from both companies, GAA and Taajeer Group, met with local executives and associates in order to emphasize and cascade the new partnership beyond senior management.

Several opportunities and developments on Renault’s future growth in the Kingdom and other important dialogues were exchanged amongst the visiting officials.
GAA officials stated on the occasion: “The visits and the ideas exchanged amongst our partners were positive and fruitful and lead to significant results that benefit our customers. Renault vehicles are now available at the Motor Souq showrooms and all customers are able to benefit as well from Taajeer financing services and offers.”  

All Renault cars feature the ideal and perfect balance that combines attractive prices, high quality, and competitive advantages, in addition to the adoption of the highest safety standards. Renault vehicles are tested at Renault Middle East hub in the United Arab Emirates to conform to all weather conditions in the Gulf region, which earned it customers trust and confidence and made them the perfect and favorite cars especially in the Saudi market.

It is also important to note that Taajeer was established in 1997 to offer Leasing solutions, in compliance with Islamic Shari’ah. It became the first company to provide this service, successfully, in the local market. Despite of strong competition, Taajeer has become one of the largest companies working in this field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and has developed a strong position, both financially, and with regards consumers.