Renault TAHADI 2018… Proficient Employees are Vital for a Superior Customer Experience

Gulf Advantage Automobiles (GAA) held its employee National Skill Contest 2018, ‘TAHADI RENAULT’ in KSA recently as part of an overall annual initiative to increase employee competency and knowledge for unmatched customer satisfaction.

The contest was conducted in Riyadh at Renault’s largest service center in the GCC. The event was attended by Mr. Marwan HAIDAMOUS, Managing Director of Renault Middle East, Mr. Divyendu Kumar, Managing Director of GAA, Mr. Raj Kumar, COO at GAA, in addition to other senior officials from Renault Middle East, Bahwan International Group Holding, Gulf Advantage Automobiles and employees from all GAA departments in Saudi Arabia.

The contest was held to judge the skill level of employees in the sales and after sales functions. The program was a test of theoretical & practical knowledge for participants in their respective functional roles. 24 winners were selected from Sales Executives, Service Advisors, Parts Executives & Technicians across GAA locations in KSA. The best three contenders in every department were nominated after a rigorous competition that engaged, enhanced and empowered distinguished employees while boosting moral and a friendly competitive spirit amongst all employees across KSA.

The event not only served as a test of skills among different functions but also increased awareness about the training needs of the employees in their everyday professional lives. The degree of accuracy and effortlessness shown by some participants during the contest was remarkable. The contest witnessed a unique mix of team work, sportsmanship and enthusiasm among GAA employees.

By organizing an employee skills contest, Renault spurred positive employee competitiveness and enthusiasm for greater efficiency and better effectiveness transforming Renault’s team in Saudi Arabia into a more customer centric unit, an indication of the company’s overarching directions in Saudi Arabia and priorities that are routed in their customers’ happiness and satisfaction.