Gulf Advantage Automobiles Honored with 'Best Marketing Initiative Award' at the 2017 Renault Middle East Convention

Gulf Advantage Automobiles (GAA) was recently awarded with the Best Marketing Initiative Award during the Renault Middle East Convention. The convention took place in Dubai in the presence of top management from Renault, Gulf Advantage Automobiles, and all Renault representatives in the Middle East. 

Mr. Marwan Haidamous, General Manager for Renault Middle East, presented the Award to Mr. Rajkumar, Chief Operations Officer for GAA Saudi Arabia. The award was presented in recognition of an outstanding marketing initiative for the company, which received acclaimed appreciation for its marketing initiatives towards women in Saudi Arabia. The initiative also included a display of Renault vehicles at King Faisal University, Riyadh, during the months of November and December 2017.

Mr. Rajkumar, COO for GAA in Saudi Arabia, commented on the occasion and said: “We are extremely happy and honored to receive this coveted award from Renault. This Award is a strong motivation for GAA to continue its successful endeavors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We look forward to what is to come and believe that GAA is doing a great job in the market.”

Mr. Rajkumar also extended his sincere gratitude and appreciation to Renault management and to the brand’s loyal customers in the Kingdom. He also stated that receiving this award is a testimony of the company’s commitment to its customers. GAA has the needs and concerns of its customer at the center of its business services. The company is dedicated to providing a service that matches and exceeds the expectations of all customers.