Purpose, Vision and Values


Create and retain customers so as to have a societally valued and perpetually sustainable business organization, it being clear that customers, employees and the regulatory framework provide the organization with its primary societal context.


Build, own and partner world-class businesses and brands, internationally.


Customer First 

Our Customers to see us as a people who are fair, honest and who live up to their commitments and promises more than our competitors do.

Engaged Employees

  • •  Rewarding career paths for “growth from within”
  • •  Excitement, fun and learning at work
  • •  Training for professional and personal effectiveness, development & growth
  • •  Communication forums and recognition platforms to celebrate successes and achievements
  • •  Team events at work and outside
  • •  Pride in associating with the organization, including involvement in CSR and other activities
  • •  Team work that involves getting together to solve problems, extending help to a colleague / department without
        being asked and without expecting any credit and applauding and celebrating each other’s successes


  • •  Institution building
  • •  Empowered employees through devolved authority along with transparent, self-control mechanisms
  • •  Risk taking
  • •  Safety, security and upkeep of our assets and premises
  • •  Abhorrence of waste


  • •  Alignment of goals all across the group
  • •  Long-term thinking and utilizing formal systems of long-term planning
  • •  Systems orientation
  • •  Creating and embracing contemporary skills, knowledge and technologies
  • •  Demonstrating a strong bias for performance, results and execution: eliminating the “apparent” contradictions
        between quality control, cost control and speed of execution
  • •  Listening more
  • •  Learning from others
  • •  Being humble in dealing with customers, colleagues, suppliers and dealers
  • •  “Treading the narrow and straight path”: never acting cleverer than the system