Popular Pre-owned Cars

Established in 2006, Popular Pre-owned Cars is the pre-owned cars division of Bahwan International Group. At our well-appointed showrooms, you will find an impressive selection of top-quality pre-owned vehicles of select brands and models. All our vehicles - Passenger Cars, 4WDs, Pick Ups or Commercial Vehicles - come to you with great benefits at pre-owned prices.

When you are dealing with Popular Pre-owned Cars, all your anxieties about buying a pre-owned car evaporates the moment you step into any of our showrooms. We have a large network of showrooms across major cities and towns in the Sultanate of Oman. Each showroom has a dedicated team of professionals to assist you with buying or selling vehicles with genuine advice. Our experienced personnel offer you smart deals and financing options along with comprehensive service packages while making sure that the whole process is a hassle-free experience.

Our certified pre-owned vehicles meet the age and mileage requirements established by the manufacturer and are only put for sale after being put through rigorous inspections and quality checks so that you can drive away in that impeccable car of your dreams.

We aim to build enduring relationships with all our customers by offering them the best deals in terms of value, service and quality when it comes to buying or selling a pre-owned vehicle.

For more information, login to www.popularcarsoman.com