National Human Capital

At BIG, we give utmost priority to meeting the localization requirements of every country where we operate. It is our endeavor to recruit, train and develop the local citizens of the country and support them in their skill improvement and overall development. In order to recruit the local talent, we participate in various fora and events which are managed by the government. We also conduct frequent walk-in interviews in order to attract the local talent.

Strongly committed to nurturing and growing the local talent, BIG has set up state-of-the-art training centres for providing technical and functional and soft skills training to its employees, apart from having tie-ups with leading technical and management institutes, within and outside the country, to provide a safe ground to hone the technical and behavioral skills required for the industry. One of our main focus areas has been to enhance the written and oral English communication skills and basic computer skills at all levels. Alongside, based on their skills and aptitude, employees have been trained on various technical, functional and soft skills programs within and outside the country based on the detailed individual training plans for each employee. Special programs are routinely conducted to enhance the supervisory and managerial skills of our local employees. Similarly, several identified Omani employees have also gone through integrated Management Development and Leadership Development programs spread over many modules conducted by internationally renowned faculty within and outside Oman as part of their career development plans.

To further augment the development of its Omani and other local team members, BIG also encourages them to pursue further education that help build their capabilities and increase engagement levels. Towards this end, Omani employees, based on their performance track record and duration of employment with BIG, are supported financially as well as with time off from work to pursue higher education for their self-development and career advancement. 

It is a matter of great pride for us that we have among the highest levels of localization in Oman, KSA and Iraq, among other countries. Today we consider it a proud badge of honour for us that many of our leadership team members have grown through the ranks as part of our management training program for locals.

Various platforms for recognizing and rewarding benchmark performances provide employees with opportunities to showcase their contribution and meet their career aspirations. With cross-geography exposure and continuing efforts to provide enriching careers, BIG is committed to the task of developing its in-house talent.