Gulf Great Sands LLC brings iconic Foton Aumark – Light Duty Truck to Oman

Foton Aumark, the popular Light Duty Truck which was launched in Oman recently, embodies Foton’s dedication to developing a Reliable, Performance and Dependable transportation solution to customers. Geared to provide customers with the best experience for their customised transportation needs, the Foton Aumark – Light Duty Truck is equipped with a wide range of world-class features. 

Foton Motor Group, one of the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles and Gulf Great Sands LLC (GGS) recently launched a full range of commercial vehicles in Oman. Through this exclusive distribution partnership, Gulf Great Sands has commenced the supply of a range of Foton’s commercial vehicles in Oman including the Foton Aumark – Light Duty Truck. The other Foton models launched in Oman includes Light Duty Trucks, Pickups, Mini buses, Panel vans, and SUVs. The Heavy Duty Trucks & Medium Duty Trucks will be launched in a few months as well.

Foton Aumark – Quality Light Duty Truck

The Foton Aumark is equipped with legendary Cummins 3.8L turbo diesel engine and a ZF 6-speed manual transmission.  Cummins which is one of the worlds largest engine manufacturers from USA, ZF is a reputed transmission manufacturer from Germany and many other global component suppliers make the Aumark truck a dependable choice. The Light Duty Truck has many features including cruise control, low engine noise, remote control central door-locking, power windows among others. The Light Duty Truck, which is perfect for intra city use and city to city movements of goods, offers industry leading technology that augments the truck’s driving experience with supreme safety like ABS + EBD, Air with Exhaust brakes.

Designed to offer performance standards that are way ahead of competition, Foton Aumark – Light Duty Truck is an ideal choice for its superior loading, fuel efficiency and less frequent service requirements features. With its outstanding features, Foton Aumark – Light Duty Truck is great value for money too.

A spokesperson for GGS said, “Foton Aumark – Light Duty Truck’s qualities and core strengths have already started receiving great response from customers in the Sultanate. Aumark is designed to meet the Oman users’ pursuit for an efficient and worry-free logistics, which leads the world class product. The Light truck comes in two variants of 3.5- and 4.5-tons load carrying capacity. It can be modified into a cargo truck, refrigerator truck, light dump truck and open cargo body truck.”

He also added, Foton strives to provide global automotive markets with high quality, affordable vehicles powered by sourcing the best of current as well as emerging technologies. Formidable joint ventures with globally-reputed manufacturers and major component brands, have enabled Foton to include sustainable engineering, advanced systems and state-of-the-art technology into every Foton vehicle.”

Fully customisable with versatile body options

The Foton Aumark –  Light Duty Truck is fully customisable with versatile body options to make it a productive work tool for everyday commercial use. Aumark is what a truck should be – solid, reliable and good value. Foton Aumark – Light Duty Truck’s dependable features like Cummins ISF 3.8L turbo diesel engine, Bosch electronics and 6-speed ZF transmission make it a dependable logistic solution for city needs as well as short haul transportation needs of the industry such as poultry, furniture, grocery, recovery, water tanker and FMCG. 

The Foton Aumark –  Light Duty Truck has experienced 1.6 million km road test, and diverse working conditions tests, including durability testing, reliability testing, stability test, high–low temperature testing, highland testing among others.

Foton – Global automotive legend

A global automotive legend with an extensive history, world-class rankings and impressive joint-ventures with internationally reputed companies, Foton has successfully positioned itself as a comprehensive commercial vehicle manufacturer. Gulf Great Sands LLC (GGS) is a part of the Bahwan International Group Holding Company (BIGH), an exclusive distributor for many reputed international automotive brands in Oman. 

Foton: Cumulative Sales volume of 8 million vehicles since inception

With a business scope covering a full series of commercial vehicles, Foton has a record of an accumulative production and sales volume of approximately 8 million vehicles since being established in 1996. With a brand value which has been evaluated as about US$ 16.6 billion, Foton has been ranked number one for 13 consecutive years in China’s commercial vehicle arena.  Foton, which has a partnership with Daimler of Germany, ZF and Cummins of USA, is eyeing a significant share of Oman market through this partnership. Daimler provides technology supremacy in Medium and Heavy-duty Trucks. Cummins Diesel Engines are renowned for their longevity, performance and economy. Foton is also partnered by Getrag (Germany), Aisin (Japan) and BorgWarner (USA) for transmissions, Bosch (Germany) for electronics and Dana (USA) for axles and differentials. 

Foton products and services are available in 110 countries all over the world. Foton has five major warehouses internationally, including a regional parts centre in Dubai. Foton has joined hands with several well-known worldwide enterprises such as Cummins, ZF, CEVA Logistics, Faurecia, Wabco, Continental Electron, TUV Rheinland and others to establish “Foton Global Innovating Alliance”, aiming to make breakthroughs in science and technology, and produce energy-saving, environmentally friendly and intelligently interconnected automobile products. 

Aumark Technology and performance
Cabin Type – Single Cab with A/C
Cummins ISF 3.8 litre Turbo Diesel Engine
GVW  6500 kg & 7500 kg (2 options)
ZF 6 speed Manual transmission
3 years/100,000 km warranty
Wheel Base: 3360 mm
Fuel tank – 120 litre capacity

Other Key features 
Cruise control
Low engine noise
Remote control central door-locking
Multi leaf springs (front 3 and rear 7+6)
Front & rear anti sway bars (with stabilizer bar)
Air with Exhaust brakes
Power windows

Drive Your Business with Foton 
No. 1 commercial vehicle brand in China for Last 13 years 
Exports of commercial vehicles from china for last 6 years 
8 million vehicles sold worldwide
Present in over 110 countries
Fortune 200 company
Strategic Alliance Daimler, Cummins and ZF
World's Leading Technology Partners
Regional Parts Centre in Dubai
Strong Local Partner – Gulf Great Sands part of BIGH Group.

Foton models available in Oman: 
Foton Aumark Light Duty Truck (3.8L Turbo Diesel Engine); 
Foton Tunland Pickup (D/cab 2.0L Turbo Engine 4WD; 2.4L DC 2WD; 2.4L Pickup SC 2WD, All Gasoline only); 
Cargo/Panel Van and Minibus (Cargo Van Wide Body & Narrow Body 2-seater, Mini Bus Wide & Narrow Body 13/ 10-seater) and
Foton Sauvana SUV (2.0L Turbo, 4WD, 7-Seater)

Gulf Great Sands has a state-of-art service centre in Ghala, Muscat, spread over more than 2900 square meters to provide aftersales services to customers. GGS has already tied up for Periodic Maintenance Services in key cities including Salalah and Sohar.