CHANGAN, a leading global brand, which offers a captivating combination of the brand’s impressive design, elegant interiors and advanced safety features. The automaker has also invested heavily in the research and development of new energy vehicles, focusing on technology development for conventional and hybrid vehicles. 

With an inspiring history of 158 years CHANGAN Automobile Group traces its corporate origins way back to the 1862 with 62 years of automobile making and 36 years’ experience of manufacturing CHANGAN vehicles. It has 16 production bases in eight countries and 35 vehicle and engine plants globally. With 6,000 sales and service facilities in more than 60 countries, and more than 150,000 professional team members globally, the company believes in excellence in customer service. Registering a new milestone for the company, in 2019 CHANGAN-branded vehicle users exceeded 18 million.

About CHANGAN Automobile and it’s R&D capability 

With world class R&D facilities, CHANGAN develops products which are Advanced, High-Tech, Innovative, fashionable, Safe and deliver a Strong Performance. Each year CHANGAN invests 5% of the annual sales revenue for product R&D and with continuous efforts has built a global collaborative R&D network with various priorities. CHANGAN has been ranked No.1 in R&D capability in China’s automotive industry for the past ten years. It has 3 R&D centers in China’s Chongqing, Shanghai and Beijing and 4 overseas facility in Turin of Italy, Yokohama of Japan, 

Nottingham of UK and Detroit USA. Supported by intelligent driving, intelligent interconnection and intelligent interaction technologies, it is building intelligent vehicle platform in stages. 

CHANGAN has been vigorously developing new energy and intelligent vehicles. CHANGAN uses Bluecore Powertrain technology based on the principles of power, clean and quiet to provide customers with a product which is highly efficient and energy saving. 

Among the models launched in Oman are Hi-Tech and Trendy, Efficient and Clean, Safe and Smart: 

CHANGAN CS 95: A high performance seven seat SUV;

CHANGAN CS 85 Coupe: a high-end SUV;

CHANGAN CS 75: SUV with luxury cabin;

CHANGAN CS 35 plus: An Interactive and social SUV and 

CHANGAN Eado: C-segment family sedan.