BAIC Motor acquired SAAB’s core assets, including its 9-5/9-3 vehicle platform, Turbo engine transmission, R&D, manufacturing and supplier systems. The SAAB unique Front wheel drive and steering technology was also inherited by BAIC. 

The unique reindeer horn body structure is sourced from SAAB’s Safe Cage patented technology. The integrity of the passenger compartment is ensured using collapsible IP beam support design to reduce engine penetration in the passenger compartment.

BAIC absorbs SAAB’s core technologies intelligently, and with this knowledge has developed the auto platform—the M-Trix platform. The M-Trix platform provides BAIC with the upper hand when it comes to competing internationally, and gives it a leading edge with regards to research and development, production, workmanship and quality management. BAIC has state of the art R&D Centre in Beijing spread over 45,000 m2 with over USD 62 million investments and includes Trial Manufacturing, Testing & Styling Departments. 

Gulf Great Sands has launched the Urban Explorer X65, Fashionable A115 Sedan and the stylish Pickup Grand Tiger TUV and Grand Tiger G3. BAIC Oman is also committed to introduce many more new models in the near future based on local market demand.