Avail attractive offer on premium crossover INFINITI QX30

INFINITI Oman has launched a special price scheme on INFINITI QX30, which was created for a new generation of premium buyers who appreciate category-defying design inside and out.

QX30’s highly sculpted exterior, unique crossover stance and asymmetric cabin design exemplify INFINITI’s design-led approach to product development. In addition to its striking appearance, the car offers an elevated ride height, confidence-inspiring handling, and a versatile attitude, underpinned by an Intelligent All-wheel Drive system. As a result, the vehicle is able to take on urban, suburban and winding rural roads in all driving conditions.

Customers purchasing INFINITI QX30 from Bahwan International Group Holding LLC during the scheme period are eligible for special prices, manufacturer’s warranty and AAA/ road assistance card. The offer, which was launched on October 29, will end on December 28, 2018.

A senior spokesperson at INFINITI Oman said, “Our special scheme offers best in class value for money, given the INFINITI QX30’s dynamic performance, progressive styling, luxury profile and standard high-end features. The car is as much at home in the city as it is outside of urban environments, inspiring confidence with its ‘ready-to-go-anywhere’ attitude.”

The scheme is applicable for all the customers purchasing INFINITI QX30 for personal use only. It is not applicable for rent a car, taxi, driver trainer, fleet and ministry billing segment. The scheme is applicable for retail billing only. The scheme is applicable for a limited stock of vehicles of a particular variant.

Scheme highlights

Special prices

2018 model INFINITI QX30 purchased during the scheme period will be available at a price ranging from OMR 14,000 to OMR 16,000. The offer is valid on selected variants and for a limited stock only.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

INFINITI QX30 purchased during the scheme period will a have three years/100,000 kms manufacturer’s warranty.

AAA/ Road Assistance Card

INFINITI QX30 purchased during the scheme period will receive free AAA / Road Assistance card for the first year only and as supported by AAA Oman and UAE.

Category-defying compact luxury crossover

INFINITI is targeting a new generation of premium buyers with the new QX30. The premium crossover segment is currently among the fastest-expanding markets globally, and Generations X and Y will represent the majority of buyers in this segment by 2020. For them, the car is an expression of ‘self’ rather than ‘status’, and they remain open to new, category-defying concepts.

The QX30 will hold a unique position in the segment, bridging the gap between premium compact rivals and larger crossover models. Its crossover-style versatility extends from unique design appeal and a wide range of comfort, convenience, safety and dynamic features, including Intelligent All-wheel Drive. Its elevated ride height over the Q30 and high-stability drivetrain will give confidence to drivers.

This more purposeful, crossover-inspired execution has been achieved without the QX30 losing the premium look and feel that buyers expect of a car in this segment. It maintains its urban appeal, premium fit and finish and seamless integration of INFINITI’s highly expressive design – requisite elements required for the car to succeed in the premium arena.

Capable inside and out

The original QX30 concept, which made its international debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, combined the sleek lines of a coupe with the in-command stance of an all-wheel drive crossover. Consistent with INFINITI’s design-led approach to product development, the production version of the QX30 maintains these characterful attributes.

The combination of a low-slung roof-line, elevated stance and crossover appearance creates a striking visual impact. The versatile stance endows the QX30 with a ‘go-anywhere’ attitude, ready to take on all driving conditions – without compromising the high-quality finish that buyers associate with premium rivals.

The QX30 stands 35mm higher than the Q30 Premium, and 55mm higher than Q30 Sport, with satin chrome roof rails fitted as standard for a more purposeful form and greater functionality. In addition, the QX30’s wheel arch cladding is 5mm wider than that on the Q30, adding to the premium active crossover’s purposeful appearance.

Like the Q30, the QX30 is characterised by dramatic curves and turbulent, sculpted character lines that make an emotional statement, evolving them into new dynamic shapes for a more purposeful appearance. The double-arch grille with three-dimensional mesh, for example, has been developed from its application on the Q30, drawing a flowing, fluid link to the headlamps for a more organic shape.

The lines of the QX30 flow up the double-wave bonnet, over the fenders, across the body line and into the strong shoulders of the car. The overall effect is designed to look stretched over bone and muscle, rather than the straight, ‘mechanical’ lines seen on rival models. INFINITI’s signature C-pillar design forges a dynamic crescent shape that emphasises motion, even when stationary.

The elevated dimensions make for a confident and relaxing drive, while ascribing to the car’s versatile character. An overall height of 1,530mm (with standard roof rails) helps improve forward visibility over its rivals, aided by a slim A- pillar design, while the elevated ride allows for a higher hip point (1,324mm), improving ease of ingress and egress.

Other exterior details include newly-designed front and rear bumpers and grained side sills for a rugged look, as well as bodywork finished with satin chrome-plated inserts for a premium and high-quality metallic finish.

Precise driving experience

The bold approach INFINITI has taken to design continues inside the QX30, which challenges traditional standards of symmetry with its expressive, modern and dynamic interior.

The asymmetric surfaces feature wave shapes and dynamic lines that twist apart and flow away from the driver. These give an ‘in-motion’ feel when natural light moves over the highly-sculpted lines and contrasting materials in the cabin. This ‘dissymmetry’ creates a more pleasant environment in which to spend time.

The most premium materials and processes available have been selected by INFINITI designers in order to create a modern-looking and luxurious cabin. A custom-designed QX30 trim delivers a personalised, self-expressive interior design. The standard interior is finished in high quality black cloth, while optional black or beige leather delivers an even more premium finish.

Refinement and comfort are also a core appeal of the QX30’s interior. Comfort is guaranteed thanks to an advanced seat design, which makes use of INFINITI’s advanced ‘spinal support’ research. The seat backs have been carefully engineered to match the curvature of the spine, providing consistent spinal support by more equally distributing load across the seat to minimise pressure on back muscles. Meanwhile, a wider fitting shape and soft seat cushion also provides enhanced support. Internal testing carried out by INFINITI engineers showed that the QX30 seat provides greater levels of support and comfort than rivals, reducing driver fatigue on longer journeys.

The QX30’s supreme interior quietness adds to cabin comfort, with some of the lowest noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) levels in the premium compact segment.

The extensive application of sound-absorbent materials reduces the intrusion of wind, road and unwanted engine noise into the cabin. Quietness in the cabin is further aided by Active Noise Cancellation, which emits sound waves from the door speakers to negate any instances of booming noise. In addition, closed sections of the high-rigidity body structure protect the QX30 from any negative noise and vibration generated by broken or inconsistent road surfaces.

The result is an incredibly quiet and refined platform, allowing INFINITI engineers to isolate and emphasise the more pleasant and enriching tones of the QX30’s engines under acceleration, without disturbing the calm of the cabin.

Greater road presence

The QX30 is engineered to deliver a confidence-inspiring, dynamic driving experience, aided by Intelligent All-wheel Drive.

Development of the QX30 started at the brand’s technical centre in Japan, before moving to Europe for final validation and testing. In total, over 750 INFINITI engineers in Japan and Europe were involved in the development and testing of the Q30 and the QX30 in a wide variety of roads and environments.

Compared to Q30, the QX30’s chassis has been adapted with its own unique settings for a comfortable ride and confident handling in spite of its elevated ride height and ground clearance. Development teams responsible for QX30’s ride and handling worked hard to ensure the car’s dynamic characteristics met with buyers’ expectations of   a vehicle that has been engineered to bridge the gap between compacts and crossovers. Its springs and rear anti- roll bar are stiffer, continuing the engineers’ efforts to ensure a flat ride. While the slightly firmer suspension helps to counteract the dynamic effects of a higher centre of gravity, the modifications to the chassis enable QX30 to remain comfortable at all speeds and over a variety of road surfaces.

The QX30 comes equipped with an Intelligent All-wheel Drive system. The drivetrain is able to send up to 50% of the engine’s power and torque to the rear axle to maintain traction on slippery surfaces and in inclement weather, enhancing a feeling of control and confidence when driving. For example, if a wheel slip is detected by sensors, braking is applied to the slipping wheel, while torque is sent to the gripping wheel for additional stability. Combined with the elevated ground clearance, the QX30’s drivetrain is engineered to deal with all conditions.

Another standard feature is the availability of a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission system. The dual-clutch intelligently pre-selects gears so the next shift is always ready to go, while manual mode lets the driver control gear changes when desired. Delivering seamless acceleration at any speed and in any gear, the application of torque is almost uninterrupted during gear changes, reducing lurching while in motion and between shifts.

Driver-enhancing technologies

The QX30 will be among the safest cars in its class owing to a range of active safety and hazard avoidance technologies that enhance the driving experience and provide maximum safety to all occupants. An Around View Monitor with moving object detection and automatic parking assistance makes the QX30 the easiest car to park in its segment.

A special metal plating method allows the radar waves of the Intelligent Cruise Control to pass through the INFINITI badge without disrupting the QX30’s striking appearance with unseemly radar units.

INFINITI’s trademark InTouch infotainment system, first introduced on the pioneering Q50, has been evolved and upgraded for the QX30 for a highly intuitive finger touch and swipe control through a seven-inch touch-screen HMI (human machine interface). INFINITI Voice Recognition interacts with the InTouch infotainment system to control audio and navigation commands.